About Us

Meet the Racketeers

We are Matthew, Lesley and Adam, the co-founders of Longshot Distillery, a family of gin lovers who made New Zealand their home after emigrating from Plymouth in the UK. 

Our love of gin lead to us taking up craft distilling in our kitchen during the lockdown, which developed into a passion for developing gins that we truly loved to drink. That passion grew and we eventually decided to found a family owned gin distillery and pursue a dream of a business where the gins that we have crafted would bring the same joy to others, as they do to us. We worked together to refurbish our garage into micro distillery, transforming our hobby into a fulfilling business. 

Each gin is crafted with carefully selected botanicals, that are blended together to create a delicious drop of gin that can be sipped solo or paired with your favourite mixer. We place an emphasis on balanced, natural flavours that should be enjoyed with friends and family.